Nickelodeon’s ‘Double Dare’ Returns For A Special Anniversary Show

Children of the ’80s rejoice! I seriously feel like dancing in green slime. The man, the myth, the legend that is Marc Summers is returning to the “Double Dare” stage for one night only.

The special is scheduled to happen during San Diego Comic-Con to celebrate the show’s 30th Anniversary. (Can we all just pause for a moment and soak in how incredibly old this makes me feel?)

Fans can watch this dream unfold live online. It is being streamed on Facebook Live via The Splat’s Facebook Page on Friday July 22, from 9:30 p.m. PT.

Expect to see all of your favorite challenges including the Human Hamster Wheel, Down the Hatch and of course the infamous Double Dare Nose. Didn’t we all want to dig in there and find that flag?

double dare nose

Want more “Double Dare”? The Comic-Con Double Dare event kicks off a week of “Double Dare” hosted by Summers on TeenNick (beginning July 25). The line-up features flashbacks, coverage of the Comic-Con event, and episodes from “Family Double Dare” and “Double Dare 2000” too.

Summers confirmed his “Double Dare” reunion to Entertainment Weekly.

“Thirty years later, people still stop me on the street every day and tell me playing ‘Double Dare’ is the one thing they wish they could have done growing up,” he said.

Speaking for ’80s kids everywhere who are still wishing we could catch pie in oversized clown pants—I couldn’t agree more.