Nicole Kidman And Keith Urban’s Date-Night Photos Are Adorable

Nicole Kidman may love tennis, but she loves watching it with her man by her side even more. The actress and her hubby, country music singer Keith Urban, had the most adorable date attending the Australian Open, and given the smile on Kidman’s face, this is her idea of a perfect date.

She took to Instagram to commemorate the special day writing, “I love the tennis! Thanks for having us #AusOpen.”

The caption was featured alongside a photo of the couple snuggling up together in the stands:

It just doesn’t get cuter than that!

Photographers managed to capture even more sweet moments the couple shared while watching the tennis match.

They may have been cozy together while seated, but they kept their arms around each other even as they stood:

nicole kidman keith urban australian open photo
Getty Images | Cameron Spencer

The pair shared some laughs:

nicole kidman keith urban australian open photo
Getty Images | Mark Kolbe

As well as some nose nuzzles:

nicole kidman keith urban australian open photo
Getty Images | Mark Kolbe

And even as they appear to be caught up in the tennis match, Urban still has his hand sweetly holding on to Kidman:

nicole kidman keith urban australian open photo
Getty Images | Quinn Rooney

Of course, you don’t make it through more than a decade of marriage without sharing this kind of fondness for each other. The couple celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary in June of last year, and they commemorated the big day with heartfelt messages to each other on Instagram:

Kidman wrote, “12 years ago today at a church in Manly, Australia. Still feels like yesterday. I’m a lucky woman”:

Urban followed suit by posting a photo of the two singing and dancing around a piano. He captioned the photo, “12 years of celestial synergized soul dancing. Happy anniversary baby girl”:

Maintaining a marriage isn’t always easy, but the couple is more than willing to put in the work to be there for each other despite busy schedules and all of life’s ups and downs.

Kidman has confirmed that the couple won’t even text. Only phone calls or video chats will do when the couple is apart.

“We don’t text,” Kidman told Parade magazine. “That is so not our relationship, which is interesting right? We call. We’ve done this since the very beginning … We just do voice to voice or skin to skin, as we always say. We talk all the time and we FaceTime but we just don’t text because I feel like texting can be misrepresentative at times.”

But, when your partner is such a big part of your life, that’s just what you do to make sure you’re getting in quality time together.

Urban has said that his life didn’t begin until he met Kidman.

“Meeting her and getting married wasn’t life-changing, it was life-beginning. It was literally, like, ‘Okay, life starts,'” he told CBS News.

And they’ve made quite the life together — one filled with love, laughter, sweet “soul dancing” and tennis matches — ever since.

Here’s to the happy couple!