Nicole Kidman Surprised Tourists In The Cutest Way While She Was Headed To The Oscars

A celebrity sighting is always an exciting possibility in Hollywood, and when it’s Oscars Sunday, all the stars are out and about making it even more likely that you might catch a glimpse of someone famous.

On March 4, a group of passengers aboard a bus for an Access Hollywood tour of Los Angeles got the surprise of a lifetime when none other than Nicole Kidman rolled up next to them at a stop light and said hello. The “Big Little Lies” star was on her way to get ready for the Oscars when she bestowed the surprise greeting. Kidman posted the exchange on Instagram, and it looks like the unsuspecting fans were understandably shocked and excited:

The lucky fans snap some photos and gush over the star, with one proclaiming, “This is like a dream come true!”

Kidman seems delighted to make these tourists’ day, and also lets them know that she hasn’t gotten her hair and makeup done yet. Somehow, she still manages to look absolutely flawless.

Later, Kidman stunned on the red carpet in a strapless blue gown with an oversize bow at the waist. She kept her blonde locks sleek and simple to complement the dress:

nicole kidman oscars photo
Getty Images | Frazer Harrison

After surprising fans earlier in the day, she also decided to surprise fellow actress Sandra Bullock on the red carpet. The two co-starred in 1998’s “Practical Magic,” and Kidman showed that they’re still friendly 20 years later when she cheekily interrupted Bullock’s interview. Check out the funny exchange below:

The two reminisced about their time together filming “Practical Magic,” with Bullock sharing a funny anecdote about the cast drinking tequila together. Kidman said she showed the movie to her kids, but admitted it was maybe a little bit over their heads.

It’s always so refreshing when a big celebrity shows us their playful, relatable side!