This Nightlight Is The Perfect Solution For Kids Scared Of The Dark

Finally get scared kiddos to sleep in the dark!

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If you have kids who are afraid of the dark, you probably dread bedtime even more than they do. You know your kids are going to sleep better in a room that’s as dark as possible, but just how do you get them to go to sleep (and let you leave the room!) without tears, negotiations and some serious effort on your part? Well this fun nightlight might just be the solution.

The Glo Portable LED Nightlight is just as it states, a nightlight. But it gives off its light via funky glowing balls. The best part? The balls are removable, so your child can grab one, two or all three of them and take them right to bed with them. Once removed, the balls will give off a faint glow temporarily, allowing your child some light and comfort as they drift to sleep.

The nightlight is small, coming in at just 2.2 lbs, but according to some of the customer reviews on Amazon, it does pack a lot of light while the balls remain in the base.

The manufacturer, ecVision, claims that the multi-colored portable balls are perfectly safe for kids. There are no electric parts, they’re safe to fall asleep with and aren’t fragile, so parents can leave them with their children without worrying about broken or lost parts.

And because the LED base is low-energy, parents can also be assured that their child will never burn their little hands on the portable balls.

And if you’re wondering just how long the nightlight will keep your child’s room illuminated, one of the reviewers on Amazon notes the glowing orbs will continue to glow as long as they’re left in place. But once the orbs are removed from the charging station, you’ll get about a 30-minute light show before the glowing balls fade to darkness.

Get one on Amazon for $34.59.