A Sequel To ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ Is In The Works, But It’s Not A Film

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Fans of Tim Burton’s 1993 classic, “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” we have some exciting news for you. A sequel to the iconic film is coming… to a comic book store near you! That’s right. Put away your 3D glasses, because the sequel won’t be in theaters. Nearly 25 years after the film’s original release, the story is getting new life in the form of a series of full-color, single-issue comic books that will later be turned into full-color paperbacks and tiny, black-and-white manga volumes.

Entitled “Nightmare Before Christmas: Zero’s Journey,” the series will follow Jack Skellington’s dog, Zero, as he gets lost in Christmas Town. The series is written by DJ Milky and illustrated by Studio DICE. It’s slated for a launch in Spring 2018.

The publisher, TOKYOPOP, announced the sequel via Instagram:


TOKYOPOP previously released a hardcover manga, a style of Japanese comic books and graphic novels, based on the original film. Other TOKYOPOP-Disney collaborations include Disney “Descendants” stories and “Beauty and the Beast.”

When “The Nightmare Before Christmas” first hit the big screen back in 1993, Disney didn’t market the movie for kids, thinking that it might be too scary for young, impressionable minds. However, in the nearly quarter-century since its debut, “The Nightmare Before Christmas” has taken on a cult status. As it gained popularity over the years, Disney began re-releasing the film in theaters during the holiday season. In 2006, they reissued it in 3D, which brought in over $8 million. In 2007, another reissue earned an impressive $14 million. All told, the reissues boosted the film’s domestic profits from $50 million to $75 million.


In addition to the theatrical rereleases, in 2001, Disney created an attraction at Disneyland based on the film, The Haunted Mansion Holiday. Each year, the classic Haunted Mansion ride gets a makeover inspired by the film. The seasonal attraction is typically open from late September through early January.