Nike built an LED track that takes running to a whole new level

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A glow-in-the-dark running experience may encourage even the least cardio-loving person to take a lap or two, because seriously—this is just too cool to pass up. That’s right, Nike has created an LED running track, but you’ll have to travel to the Philippines to test it out.

Situated in the country’s capital, Manila, this track is unlike any other. It’s 200 meters and shaped like the bottom of a Nike Flyknit shoe, and that’s not even the most innovative part.

This track has a built-in lighting system that creates an avatar character for you. As you make your way around the track, an LED version of yourself will “race” you. Your LED avatar can keep up and predict your pace thanks to a sensor that’s placed on your shoe.

Basically, it’s a running experience unlike any other. You can see it in action in the video below:

You can also see stats on pacing, lap time and more as you loop around this track, so consider this your running space and fitness tracker all in one. Has Nike just created the racetrack of the future? It certainly seems that way.

Folks online seem to be into the idea of this light-up running experience. Not only is this unlike anything that’s been seen before, but it’s also allowing those participating to push their bodies in new ways, considering it literally lets you race yourself in the form of your very own avatar.

There’s pretty much no denying that this is the coolest running track we’ve ever seen—it may even be the coolest piece of fitness equipment every developed.

If you’re a die-hard runner (or just need some serious motivation to hit the track), you might want to head to Manila to check this out! Don’t forget to pack those running shoes!

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