The 9 Types Of Intelligence Every Person Has

How does your intelligence in all nine areas stack up?

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We tend to use the word intelligence in very broad strokes.  However, you may have noticed that some people (including yourself) are better at certain things than others.  Some people may be very good at reading and understanding people while others can more easily pick up a new language.

Psychologist, Howard Gardner, says that people actually have “multiple intelligences” and it’s outlined in the infographic below. Gardner says in the book, “Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences,” that intelligence was previously thought of as a single thing that we inherited.

He goes on to add:

“Nowadays an increasing number of researchers believe precisely the opposite; that there exists a multitude of intelligences, quite independent of each other; that each intelligence has its own strengths and constraints; that the mind is far from unencumbered at birth; and that it is unexpectedly difficult to teach things that go against early ‘naive’ theories of that challenge the natural lines of force within an intelligence and its matching domains.”

Here’s a helpful chart that Funders and Founders put together. For more detail on each type of intelligence, check out this page.

Gardner’s book description notes that most of these types of intelligence are “neglected by standard testing and educational methods.”