9-Year-Old Boy Spends Birthday Money On Pizzas For Flood Victims

The victims of the devastating flooding in Louisiana are having a terrible time of it. One nine-year-old boy decided he wanted to do something to help them out in some small way. Carson Boutte’s mom, Lanie, asked her son what he wanted for his birthday. (She had budgeted $100.) Instead of a gift, Carson said he’d like to use the money to bring lunch to people affected by the floods.

The prospect of making 500 lunches seemed a bit daunting, so they decided pizza would be a nice treat. Lanie posted the idea on her Facebook page in case her family wanted to take part.

The post went viral, and Domino’s offered a special rate and matched the first 100 pizzas, according to the story on WWL-TV.com.

“For a 9-year old to even think to help people… it’s amazing,” Lacey Viator, whose home was flooded, said on KATC-TV.com. “Everybody is here. Everybody brings stuff and for him to get 300 and something pizzas delivered… he probably didn’t even have pizza, but he brought it for everybody else.”

When all was said and done, over 300 pizzas were delivered to grateful residents. And Carson ended up with a pizza-themed cake!

Lanie Boutte

h/t: aPlus