Nintendo’s NES Classic Edition Is Coming Back For A Limited Time This Summer

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Game on! Nintendo dropped some major news last week and classic gamers should be excited.

The company posted on social media that it plans to re-release its wildly popular NES Classic Edition for only $60 starting on June 29.

But fans will need to act quickly to get their hands on the gaming system. Nintendo intends to only sell the NES Classic Edition “through the end of the year.”

What happens after that? We’re not sure.

So, you might want to consider shopping early.

Anyone looking to pick up the vintage video game system also might want to act quickly due to the expected demand. You may recall the last time Nintendo released the NES Classic Edition in late 2017, it sold out quickly.

The company then discontinued its sales, saying it “wasn’t intended to be an ongoing, long-term product.”

nintendo photo
Getty Images | Kevork Djansezian

The NES Classic Edition is designed like the original Nintendo gaming system, except that it only requires an HDMI cable to be connected to a television.

It also comes with 30 games already installed into the system, so you can simply plug it in and play some of your old-school favorites.

Check out the list of games available right out of the box!

nintendo photo
Getty Images | Monica Schipper

There are some first-rate titles in here guaranteed to bring you back to your video game glory days!

  • “Balloon Fight”
  • “Bubble Bobble”
  • “Castlevania”
  • “Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest”
  • “Donkey Kong”
  • “Donkey Kong Jr.”
  • “Double Dragon II: The Revenge”
  • “Dr. Mario”
  • “Excitebike”
  • “Final Fantasy”
  • “Galaga”
  • “Ghosts ‘n Goblins”
  • “Gradius”
  • “Ice Climber”
  • “Kid Icarus”
  • “Kirby’s Adventure”
  • “Mario Bros.”
  • “Mega Man 2”
  • “Metroid”
  • “Ninja Gaiden”
  • “Pac-Man”
  • “Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream”
  • “StarTropics”
  • “Super C”
  • “Super Mario Bros.”
  • “Super Mario Bros. 2”
  • “Super Mario Bros. 3”
  • “Tecmo Bowl”
  • “The Legend of Zelda”
  • “Zelda II: The Adventure of Link”

The Wii Challenge Is Sweeping The Nation

Another Nintendo product, the Wii, is also making headlines these days for a pretty funny reason.

The Nintendo Wii song that plays in the background of the Mii channel is the earworm that just won’t go away for today’s teenagers and young adults.

Even though at first listen it might not have a beat that exactly lends itself to dancing, people are trying anyways. And now it’s turned into a social media challenge: #TheWiiChallenge.

nintendo wii photo
Flickr | Rich_Lem

Yep, people are coming up with choreographed dances to go along with the video game tune, and the results are pretty funny. It all started thanks to the Season 13 champion of “So You Think You Can Dance” Leon “Kida” Burns aka KidaTheGreat.

Along with his friend and fellow dancer Jabari Timmons, he created this awesome dance and posted it to Instagram:

“When You Can Dance To Anything,” he captioned the video, adding the #WiiChallenge hashtag.

The video has now been viewed more than 1 million times, and the trend quickly caught on. We can see why, too! Their moves are pretty awesome.

This guy put some robotic moves to work for the challenge, and he goes a little wild toward the end:

This guy incorporates a bird-like flutter with his arms that totally works with the song:

Although KidaTheGreat may have started this most recent trend, back in September 2017, YouTuber LongNeck Ladies uploaded a video featuring a funky dance to the song:

That video now has more than 4 million views. The creepy, long-neck white mannequin heads certainly give their version a unique twist!

What do you think? Would you create your own #TheWiiChallenge video for the internet to enjoy?