This No-Bake Cherry Delight Dessert Is Absolutely Heavenly

Whether you’re preparing Valentine’s Day treats or just need a way to satisfy your sweet tooth, this cherry delight recipe is something you’re going to want to make ASAP.

The recipe from My Kitchen Craze doesn’t require any baking, and the end result is a delicious slice of cream cheese filling, graham cracker crust and cherry fruit topping. It’s similar to a cheesecake — just a little more mousse-like in texture.

My Kitchen Craze notes that the only “downside” to this recipe is that it requires a bit of patience, as it needs time to chill in the refrigerator before you can officially dig in. So, consider your taste buds warned!

Aside from the time it takes to chill, this recipe will take you mere minutes of actual hands-on prep time. You’ll start by mixing crushed graham crackers, sugar and butter as a base. Then it’s time to add the super-sweet filling!

You’ll need cream cheese, powdered sugar and an entire container of whipped topping. Once that’s mixed together, spread evenly on top of the graham cracker crust and then place the dish in the fridge for a minimum of six hours or for a full 24 hours.

Add a healthy heaping of cherry pie filling before serving and you’ve got yourself an irresistible treat.

See how it’s made in this video from the My Kitchen Craze YouTube channel:

As if that wasn’t simple enough, this version of a cherry delight from Eat Move Make suggests spreading on the cherry pie filling before refrigerating so that when it’s time to eat, it’s as easy as slice-and-serve.

The recipe also calls for almond extract to be combined with the cherry filling so there’s an added bit of light, nutty flavor in this version. Yum!

Eat Move Make

And if the thought of waiting hours before being able to enjoy this dessert seems too difficult, try this dip version of cherry cheesecake.

The recipe from I Heart Eating can be served as an appetizer or dessert for a crowd … or simply a sweet treat for a party of one. It calls for a mixture of cream cheese, whipped topping and sweetened condensed milk as a base layer and then it is topped with cherry pie filling. The graham crackers come in when it’s time for dipping, as this version doesn’t have a “crust” like the others.

Chill only until you’re ready to serve. Or, you know, eat it immediately.

I Heart Eating

Which delightful cherry cheesecake dessert will you try first?