These No-Bake Kit Kat Squares Are Mouthwateringly Good

These no-bake Kit Kat squares are about to become your go-to summer dessert, whether you are taking them to a backyard bash or just enjoying a quiet night in.

After all, no one wants to turn on the oven when the sun is blazing outside, but with this simple recipe for crispy, chocolatey dessert bars you won’t need to overheat your house just to make a special treat.

At the website A Baker’s House, blogger Holly makes this scrumptious dessert with just five simple ingredients. She makes a crust for the bars with vanilla wafer cookies, but any of your favorite cookies will do, whether that’s chocolate sandwich cookies, peanut butter sandwich cookies, or fudge peppermint. Graham crackers or animal crackers would also be an excellent choice.

A Baker's House

After you’re done making the crust, condensed milk and chocolate chips come together to create a rich, chocolate layer. Again, feel free to get creative here! Why not try a combo of chocolate chips and caramel chips to add a depth of flavor?

Here’s the fun part: crush up Kit Kat bars and then sprinkle them on top of your creation. You can use a blender or a food processor. Taking your stress out on helpless chocolate can be very cathartic!

After this dessert chills, you can cut it into squares. For added appeal, you can also take mini Kit Kats and break them in two, sticking one on top of each square. Why not a mix of white, dark and milk chocolate?

If you are more into peanut buttery goodness, why not try this recipe for Homemade Reese’s Bars from The Girl Who Ate Everything?

The Girl Who Ate Everything

These no-bake dessert bars use a simple combo of chocolate chips, peanut butter and a graham-cracker base to create a sweet treat that tastes like a grown-up Reese’s peanut butter cup. Top with crushed peanuts or even a sprinkling of crushed Reese’s cups. Chill, cut and enjoy!