Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Rosé Now Exists

Rosé mania isn’t going away anytime soon, especially with summer right around the corner. But if you were hoping to make upcoming baby showers or kids’ birthday parties a little more pink in color, that might have proven to be difficult — until now. Welch’s just released a non-alcoholic rosé that’s perfect for all ages. So now you and your family can “rosé all day” in a whole new way!

Welch’s has already created sparkling grape juice, so its take on sparkling rosé is bound to be similar in terms of carbonation and deliciously sweet taste. Also, there is no sugar added and no artificial sweeteners.

According to the Welch’s website, the bubbly beverage has “a beautiful distinctive pink color and a light, refreshing taste that fits into the non-alcoholic lifestyle that spans all ages.” It is already available for purchase at Target for $2.50. Cheers!

Not only can you sip this rosé without any of the consequences you get from drinking multiple glasses of alcohol, but you can also use it instead of actual rosé wine in a base of kid- and mommy-to-be-friendly recipes.

For example, another summertime favorite treat, frosé — that is, a frozen rosé slushy — just got a bit more inclusive for the entire family. All you have to do is swap the wine for the non-alcoholic version, and a delicious, kid-friendly pleasure awaits.

How will you serve it up this summer?