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This Non-Surgical Technique Allows You To Get A Nose Job In 5 Minutes

A nose job that's quick and relatively painless? Interesting.

Lip fillers certainly aren’t unheard of. I mean, Kylie Jenner did single-handedly put them on the map, after all. But, nose fillers? Well, those are certainly less talked about.

But, maybe that should change. Because according to folks who have had this non-surgical procedure done, it’s quite easy and relatively painless. Plus, the results are incredible.

So, what is a nose filler procedure like exactly? Well, it’s a semi-permanent way to alter the appearance of your nose and it only requires some numbing cream and a few pokes of a needle for instant results.

The procedure is technically called non-surgical rhinoplasty and will last for about two years if you choose the semi-permanent option, which is recommended for first-time customers.

Someone who went through with the procedure described the experience in detail to Refinery29.

“He rubbed on numbing cream and 20 minutes later, I was completely numb and just felt a tiny, tiny little pinch when he stuck the needle in. I’d compare it to eyebrow waxing—uncomfortable and not the greatest feeling in the world, but not painful. All in all, it was just a couple of pokes—he just stuck the needle in at the top, then he did a little bit at the bottom of my nose to lift it, then sculpted and shaped the filler with his hands. It was an instant result.”

And it was a subtle difference, as opposed to one that screams “Oh my god, you got a nose job,” according to Refinery29.

Cosmetic surgeon Alexander Rivkin of Westside Aesthetics charges around $2,000 for a non-surgical nose job, as opposed to the $5,000 or more cost of rhinoplasty surgery.

Rivkin isn’t the only cosmetic surgeon performing this procedure, though. Jenner’s famous surgeon will do this procedure, too, according to Cosmopolitan, and I’m sure the list goes on and on.

So, if you’re interested in subtle enhancement that doesnt involve surgery, this is definitely worth looking into. And even if this kind of alteration isn’t your thing, you’ve got to admit that a non-surgical procedure like this is pretty mind-blowing, to say the least.