This New Chrome Extension Calls You To Save You From Your Coworkers


Have you ever wished for a well-timed phone call to save you from yet another boring office conversation? Meet NOPE, the Chrome extension that will do just that.

If you keep finding yourself trapped in endless conversations with coworkers, NOPE might be just what you need. This handy Chrome feature will call you within seconds, giving you a guilt-free escape route from those never-ending office chit-chats.

All you have to do is download the extension, then set it up with your phone number. If you’ve got an office line and a cell phone, just pick whichever one you’d prefer. Then, the next time your colleague is droning on about their kid’s middle-school soccer game, click the NOPE button on your browser. A few seconds later, your phone will ring with a call from a New York number.

Ideally, your chatty friend will clear out as soon as you answer the call (apologetically, of course). If they still don’t get the hint, the speaker on the other end of the call will guide you through a few reactions, just in case you need to convince your coworker that this is really important.

First, the voice tells you, “On the count of three put your hand to your mouth as if you’re hearing bad news.” If that still doesn’t work, it’ll then prompt you: “Repeat these words after me in a serious and concerned tone: ‘Yes of course I can talk now, what’s the matter?'”

Apparently, the whole thing is an advertising gimmick for Breather, a workspace sharing and networking service. Even if it is a marketing ploy, though, the NOPE calls still work, and that’s all that really matters.

At the moment, NOPE is only available in the U.S., so if you’re based in London or Shanghai, you might have to come up with some more creative solutions.

It seems like Chrome always has some kind of trick up its sleeve to keep us happy, or at least entertained. Last year, we got the B.S. Detector extension, which helps warn you if something you’re reading might be fake news. Now, robot calls can save us from our own coworkers. Who knows what will be next?

[h/t: Lifehacker]


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