Crossing guard gives free winter coats to kids, warms our hearts

In a world where bad news is ubiquitous, it’s heartwarming to know that there are still caring people helping to make it a better place. Minnie Galloway is one of those people.

Galloway, or “Ms. Minnie”, as children call her, has been the crossing guard at Wilmington, North Carolina’s Trask Middle School for nearly two decades. She’s known for her cheerful spirit, always greeting kids with a smile and a wave and being an overall positive presence in the lives of Trask students. Recently, Galloway’s acts of kindness have caught the attention of the internet.

Kayla Thomas, a teacher at the nearby Laney High School, has been witness to this crossing guard’s good deeds countless times, and decided to share with Facebook just how great Galloway truly is.


“So the same sweet lady stands at the crosswalk every day in front of Laney and Trask. She always waves and looks just so happy to be at the crosswalk, helping the kids cross safely. Today I noticed that she had a rack of coats by her car, and signs saying “free coats” posted everywhere,” Thomas wrote in her Facebook post. “There is still good in this world, despite what we see and hear every day. People like her give the rest of us hope that we can all live in peace and focus on the things that really matter.”

The post has since gone viral.

“What a wonderful lady! She is a great example for those kids every day. I hope we will all try to be more like her and find a way to give to others without expecting anything in return,” commented one Facebook user.

“I also really love the fact that Ms. Minnie gives students who use the crosswalk a positive experience before they get to school,” Thomas told Babble in a recent article. “Sometimes students don’t have positive experiences before they arrive at school for the day, and knowing that Ms. Minnie is able to greet them with a smile and something they could possibly need, it makes my heart happy.”

According to Thomas, Galloway also provides umbrellas to kids on rainy days and school supplies at the start of the school year.

Random acts of kindness go a long way and Galloway’s generosity has certainly touched the hearts of people across the country.