This couple found a note from the previous homeowners when they renovated their bathroom

Alex and Jess Monney

Anyone who has ever lived through a home renovation knows how exhausting, frustrating and expensive it can be. Sometimes it seem like everything is going wrong and the project will never be finished.

One thing you don’t expect from a home renovation is for the previous homeowners to reach out from the beyond (the wall, that is) and leave you a message. But that’s just what happened to Alex and Jess Monney when they took on the challenge of renovating their outdated bathroom.

There’s nothing particularly unusual about the bathroom or the fact that the Monneys were remodeling it after 23 years. The big surprise came when the contractor for the Bay Area couple gutted the bathroom and found a message left in wall by the previous homeowners!

“If you know me, you know I love house projects,” Jess Monney captioned her “Before” pictures on Twitter. “However, even I think I might be a little crazy for kicking off a bathroom remodel 4 weeks before I’m due. Bye bye bathroom! And sorry in advance for the bathroom remodel updates to come.”

But it wasn’t just any bathroom remodel update to come ā€” there were pictures of previous residents behind that wall!

“Hi! We’re the Shinsekis! We remodeled this bathroom Summer 1995,” the note reads, accompanied by a photo of the smiling couple, as well as a picture of their pet rabbit, Cassie. “If you’re reading this, that means you’re remodeling the bathroom again. What’s wrong with the way we did it?!?!?”

Alex Monney has since deleted his viral tweet of the Shinseki’s note, but not before it was liked and shared thousands of times. The original image is still available on Reddit, where it has received over 93,000 upvotes so far.

Remodeling a Bathroom from funny

The usual life-span for a bathroom is 20 years, according to Consumer Reports, so the Shinsekis should be proud of the remodel they did in 1995. While no one has been able to track down the good-humored Shinsekis, Alex Monney told BuzzFeed he’d like to pass along a message to them.

“Your bathroom, and home, is lovely. It has given us a lot of beautiful memories and we can’t wait to raise our little baby girl here,” Alex said. “Sorry we’re changing the bathroom, but the shower is too small for me to fit in (I’m 6′ and my wife is 5′). Thank you for the amazing surprise!”

Now we’re just waiting for pics of the Monney’s newly renovated bathroom!

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