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Now You Can Print Photos From Your Phone Case Instantly Like A Polaroid Camera

How cool is this?!

Millions of people across the globe take thousands of pictures each year. But so many of them never see the light of day: as a tangible photo.

Tethered to the digital world, so many memories can fade because the art of printing and sharing photos has so drastically changed over the last decade.

Then I stumbled upon Prynt, and here’s why I’m so excited to share this new product with you: Prynt is one of the first of its kind: a phone case that allows you to print photos from your smartphone.

How It Works

According to their video, simply plug your phone into the case, take a picture, and instruct it to print. In a few moments, the case will spit out a 2″x3″ photo of your desire.

Why It’s Neat

The case is less bulky than I imagined, and certainly plays into the nostalgia of using a Polaroid camera. It doesn’t require Bluetooth or Wifi (a great selling point, in my opinion), and uses ZINK Paper.

When in college, I actually had the opportunity to play with ZINK technology from Polaroid. And it’s really neat.

ZINK Paper is a product that uses thermal technology to develop an image. It does not require ink, cartridges, toner or ribbons.

Rather, color molecules are embedded within layers of the paper. When heated, the the colors are activated and that in turn, creates an image. So no smudges, smears, or runny faces. Here’s a sliced versions of what the paper looks like:

I think this is such a neat new product. In fact, I could really see it taking off as a rentable service in the wedding industry.

Specifically, placing a few around the reception and allowing people to plug in their phone, take a picture, and when printed, adhere to a scrapbook with some well wishes for the bride and groom. It’d be like a new, portable version of a photo booth.

What do you think? Would you consider buying one?

[h/t: Hello Giggles]