NSYNC To Reunite In 2017 To Receive Walk Of Fame Star And Release New Vinyl Record

Big news for NYSNC fans! Lance Bass (aka my first love) just announced two bits of exciting news.

First, Bass told Entertainment Tonight, all five of the carefully-coiffed guys are going to be getting together to be honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. How the heck do they not already have one yet?! It’s about time Hollywood stood up and recognized these patrons of ’90s style and flair.

Bass promised that all five of the bros would be attendance, including Justin Timberlake. As for a possible reunion tour? Bass famously stated back in 2013 that the reason an NSYNC reunion wasn’t likely to occur was due to Justin being so busy and focusing on his own music.) We’d have to imagine that Justin’s not any less busy these days, working on his own music, being a dad and supporting his wife Jessica Biel in her kid-friendly restaurant venture!

But the second bit of good news is that the group is re-releasing their 1998 “Home for Christmas” album on vinyl. (As you probably know, vinyl records are making a huge comeback, with vinyl record sales at a 28-year high.) The album will be released in fall (exact date TBD), just in time for Christmas season… so get your record players ready!

Speaking of the “Home for Christmas” album, do you all remember the video for their “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays” song? It debuted on MTV’s “Total Request Live” on December 14, 1998, and it’s… not aged too well.

Some questions: Why is Gary Coleman there? What is on Chris Kirkpatrick’s head? Why is Joey Fatone wearing those goggles? Is Chris raising the roof legitimately, or is he being ironic? Could the dancers look less enthused and awkward? Why is it snowing feathers? I have no clue, but it’s still a holiday jam that holds up, and it’s weird 90’s style only makes it more lovable and addictive.

Bass also told Entertainment Tonight’s Katie Krause that the group regularly group-texts everyday. Um, how much would you pay to see some of those texts? Bass jokingly reveals that they spend most of their time making fun of each other, with Chris tending to be the butt of most of their jokes. LOL. Well, I mean…



At least he has a good sense of humor! And, hey, he looks great now:


So, keep an eye out for the new vinyl release and the guys on the Walk of Fame!