Nutella Biscuits are finally arriving in the U.S.

Nutella Biscuits
Ferrero North America

Two Nutella products already beloved in other countries are headed to the U.S. for the first time.

Nutella Biscuits and Nutella B-Ready are hitting stores nationwide now, making them the first new Nutella products in the country since the launch of Nutella &GO! in 2012.

The new-to-the-U.S. Nutella Biscuits are designed to be a mid-afternoon snack or an after-dinner treat. Made with a golden baked crunchy biscuit, the biscuits have a creamy center that’s filled with Nutella. The cookies are available in a 20-count resealable bag for $4.79.

Ferrero North America

For those that prefer individually wrapped snacks for packing in a lunch bag, Nutella B-Ready is made with a light, crispy wafer shell that’s filled with Nutella and sprinkled with puffed wheat crisps.

You’ll find Nutella B-Ready in a 2-count pack for around $1.89, a 6-count pack for $3.99 and a 36-pack at club stores like Sam’s Club and Costco later this spring for $13.99.

“We are thrilled to be launching Nutella B-Ready and Nutella Biscuits in the U.S., two products that have already received love and accolades across the globe,” Noah Szporn, senior vice president of spreads at Ferrero North America said in a press release. “In honor of World Nutella Day, a holiday that was created by a fan for our fans, we are excited to double our U.S. portfolio and give our loyal fans two new ways to enjoy their favorite hazelnut spread.”

Ferrero North America

Want even more Nutella? Take a look at this recipe for Nutella iced coffee, or if you’re looking for dessert, these 2-ingredient Nutella brownies call for just Nutella and eggs.

The brownie recipe comes from Real Simple, which explains that while they aren’t the richest brownies they’ve tasted, they are lighter but still have a fudge like consistency. Basically, they’re perfect for Nutella fans and will do the trick if you’re craving something sweet.

So what do you think? Will you be hitting the grocery store shelves and stocking up on this treat?

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