This NYC Penthouse With An Adorable Rooftop Cottage Is For Sale

If you love drooling over real estate listings like I do, then you’re going to love this unique New York City apartment that’s on the market.

This NYC penthouse apartment (complete with an adorable rooftop cottage) is now for sale, and you’re going to fall head over heels for everything this property has to offer.

It is a truly unique home situated in the East Village neighborhood.

According to the real estate listing, it’s set up as a duplex at the moment.


“Currently configured as two separate spaces, a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom duplex occupying the entire fourth and fifth floors and a cottage apartment with a private wraparound terrace. With creative vision, this penthouse can be converted to a single residence or left as individual units,” the property description reads.


So, this definitely offers some unique options for owners. Do you rent the individual units? Keep the whole place to yourself?


When you think about New York City-living, a Cape Cod-style rooftop penthouse doesn’t immediately come to mind, does it? What a cozy gem.


Personally, I’d be perfectly happy living in the cottage on the top of the property. I mean, just imagine the views!

The rooftop property is a one-bedroom, one-bathroom. So, seriously, when can I move in?


All in all, this home offers approximately 3,000 square feet and has tons of windows. You’re really not going to find anything else quite like it—especially not in New York City.

Compass is the real estate agency carrying the property, and in case you’re interested—it’s going for a cool $3.5 million.


But, considering the uniqueness of the property, the nearly 3,000 square feet and the views of the city—this really seems like a reasonable price to pay.

You know, if you’re in the market for millions of dollars in real estate, that is.

Hey—it’s free to dream, right?