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This NYC Spot Is Selling Foot-Tall Ice Cream Cones And We Need One Now

This is an acceptable summer dinner, right?

Ice cream is good. Multiple ice cream scoops are better. An entire 12 inches—AKA one foot—of ice cream is next-level amazing. But where might a magical ice cream cone such as this exist? The answer is, of course, in New York City—at OddFellows Ice Cream Company in Brooklyn.

This New York City ice cream staple serves perfectly round scoops stacked one on top of the other until they reach unbelievable heights. OK, or until they reach a foot tall… which is basically the same thing. Then the scoops are topped with gorgeous, freshly made cookies. All in all, it’s an insanely decadent treat that would make me nervous to eat. Just imagine dropping one of these babies!

Honestly, I’m not even sure how you’re supposed to eat this (aside from very carefully). Do you use a spoon to get all of the flavors at once? Do you just eat it as is and wait your turn to get to scoops numbers two and three? What if it’s extremely hot and your base starts melting? How many people should you share this with (adult answer: at least two; selfish answer: zero)?


All of the ice cream at OddFellows is handmade, and comes in an incredible assortment of flavors. You can obviously get the classics like S’mores and Rocky Road, but the company is also famous for its unbelievably creative flavors like Honey Lavender Strawberry, Absinthe Chocolate Chip (!?!), Maple Bacon Pecan and tons more. The cookies come in flavors like Matcha White Chocolate Chip, Sesame, Thai Sugar, and Ginger & 5 Spice.

If plain a old ice cream cone isn’t your thing (and if they aren’t, you’re weird and we aren’t friends), that’s OK (it’s not OK). OddFellows also sells ice cream sandwiches made with those same cookies that top their foot-tall cones as well as ice cream sandwiches nestled between an eggy brioche bun.

So who’s up for a trip to Brooklyn to get one of these ice cream monstrosities? I’m already on my way…