A clever NYC street artist is literally painting the town—and his work is amazing

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One American artist has been busy transforming the streets of New York City, using the most ordinary objects—pipes, poles, sewers—as his canvas.

Thomas Bobrowiecki is the artist behind these whimsical pieces that’ve popped up recently in the most mundane areas of New York City, making the city a much happier and fun place for everyone who happens upon his quirky works of art.


Whether Bobrowiecki is turning electrical equipment into bright red crabs or transforming a sewer drain into Blinky (the cute little red ghost from PacMan), he encourages us to see the fun possibilities in what would otherwise be dull public spaces.

His use of bright colors and cartoon-esque style makes it hard to look at his works of art without cracking a smile.


Bobrowiecki has been documenting his latest work on his Instagram account, which boasts over 28,000 followers.

Even the littlest installations make a big visual impact. In Bobrowiecki’s wacky world, ordinary manholes become frying pans or escape routes for a crocodile on the loose.


How clever is this?!


Bobrowiecki is a Massachusetts native, but his career as an independent graphic designer and illustrator brought him to the Big Apple shorty after he graduated with a bachelor of arts in design from Massachusetts University in 1984.


He’s been in the New York City art scene for decades now, and some of this bigger projects include assisting artist Red Grooms with murals of cityscapes to be used at a show at the Brooklyn Museum and painting New York City attractions for the Artist Space “Putt-Modernism” show.


Bobrowiecki says the one theme that runs throughout his work is “balance.” In his artwork, he seeks “to build-up rather than tear down, to give rather than take and to go out on a limb rather than crave security.”


If you’re visiting New York sometime soon, be on the lookout for Bobrowiecki’s whimsical street art. You never know where it will pop up!

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