Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah Winfrey Go Grocery Shopping Like (Sort Of) Normal People

Oh, That's Good!
The Ellen Show

It’s an unremarkable field trip for most of us, but when you’re Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah Winfrey, grocery shopping is a rare treat. The current and former queens of daytime TV just hit the supermarket for an episode of “The Ellen Show” to shop for Winfrey’s new food line, called O, That’s Good! Of course, DeGeneres made sure the pair had a lot of laughs as they made their way through the store.

DeGeneres admitted it’s been “years” she went to a grocery store, and Winfrey hasn’t been in nearly a year, since Thanksgiving of 2016.

The ladies started at the fruits and vegetables, with some hilarious commentary about melons and other produce. Then DeGeneres took over the store’s intercom system to ask about just a few things “for Oprah,” including dandruff shampoo, Odor-Eaters, oh, and ointment. “What is the ointment for?” DeGeneres asked to a store full of laughing customers.

After that, DeGeneres got a little distracted by some liquor she found. “You have two kids, you might need that,” she said, handing the bottle off to a customer. And along the way, DeGeneres found plenty of opportunities to make Winfrey shriek by sneaking up on her.

Winfrey was able to stop laughing just long enough to reveal her prepared food line to DeGeneres. O, That’s Good! is all about making comfort foods nutritious. Winfrey’s soups include creamy butternut squash with sweet potatoes and carrots, baked potato with cauliflower, broccoli cheddar with butternut squash and creamy tomato basil with celery and carrots.

O, That’s Good! sides include regular and garlic mashed potatoes, both with cauliflower, three cheese pasta with butternut squash and creamy Parmesan pasta with white beans.

Paper or plastic? Neither, for these two shoppers. DeGeneres decided to go green at the store by bringing along her Louis Vuitton luggage.

And the day out didn’t end at the cash register: DeGeneres and Winfrey paid for a random shopper’s cart full of goodies, and then DeGeneres drove the whole crew to their new friend’s apartment. There, the TV hosts heated up some of Winfrey’s meals for the mom and daughter.

Hey, ladies, you’re welcome to take us grocery shopping anytime you like!

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