This Office Worker’s Cubicle Decorations Just Won The Holidays

Some people go all out with their Christmas decorations. And this office worker has done the equivalent of creating the brightest house on the block with this display. This may not be all done up in lights, but there’s plenty of Christmas spirit to be found here.

According to UPI an office building in Pennsylvania held a cubicle decorating contest, and I think it’s safe to say that Melissa O’Neill won this one.

She used cardboard tubes to create logs for a log cabin. Her cubicle’s façade looks exactly like the Airbnb of your dreams, complete with a roof all covered in snow. Which is in this case, cotton, of course.

Inside the cubicle, uhh, I mean cabin, you’ll find two Christmas trees, ribbons, stockings and boughs of holly, according to the publication. Fa la la la la-la la la la!

An office worker posted a video of the festive display on Facebook with the caption, “We had a cubicle decorating contest at work and one of our employees, Melissa O’Neill, made a log cabin complete with 2 trees outside and a sled inside.”

O’Neill can be seen inside the cubicle in the video working while eating lunch. Because even though it’s the holidays — the work must go on.

But, hey, at least she got to take a break and join in on the fun of the holiday season, at least for a little while. Because turning one’s cubicle into a log cabin has to take a while, you know? You definitely can’t say it’s all work and no play at this office!

In the end, I’d say O’Neill’s done a great job of spreading cheer this season. Because as an office member, it’d be hard to walk past this display and not smile.

All she needs to do now is serve hot cocoa inside, and she’s successfully won the holidays.

[h/t: Mashable]