This State Has A Doughnut Trail And We Want To Go ASAP

Doughnuts are amazing. They allow you to eat dessert for breakfast in a socially acceptable way, and nothing endears you to your colleagues like showing up with a box of them at the office.

If you really love doughnuts, you might want to take a trip to Ohio sometime soon because the Buckeye State is home to something called the Butler County Donut Trail.

As you could guess from its name, the “trail” winds through Butler County, which is near Cincinnati and happens to have more doughnut shops per capita than pretty much anywhere else in the United States, according to Food & Wine. The trail consists of 12 doughnut shops spread out over about 80 miles, so plan on going hungry and probably bringing some treats home to enjoy later.

Planning to make the trip? Some shops on the trail have been known to sell out or close by 10 a.m., so you’re going to want to get an early start for this doughnut-filled day. And you won’t just find plain glazed doughnuts on the Butler County Donut Trail. According to its official website, you’ll find German Chocolate, Apple Cider, Fruity Pebbles, Maple Bacon and many other creative flavors!

If you manage to actually hit at least 11 shops on the trail—which you must document on the passport which is available online or at any of the shops—you can earn a t-shirt to celebrate your accomplishment! When you’re ready to go back for a second time, wear your t-shirt to receive special discounts.

Butler County Visitors Bureau

Although the trail is a not a trail in the literal sense, the Butler County Visitors Bureau created a map to help visitors take advantage of the number of doughnut shops available in close proximity to each other. For area business owners, the creation of the trail has certainly increased visibility for their shops.

“It’s definitely helped us get on the map,” Amanda Gilbert of Mimi’s Donuts & Bakery in Hamilton, Ohio told USA Today in 2017. “A Corvette club from Columbus arrived and parked in our lot. We’ve had 70 people come in at one time.”

Check out this video documenting the tasty and fun experience that is the Ohio Donut Trail:

Yum! Would you take on the trail?