‘Old Dog Haven’ Takes In Homeless Senior Dogs And Covers Vet Bills For Life

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In animal shelters, young puppies get the majority of the attention when people come in looking to adopt. But the fact is, older dogs are just as deserving of a loving home. The problem can be that those older dogs may come with some medical issues that result in significant vet bills. Which brings us to a Seattle-area group called Old Dog Haven. As their name suggests, they’re all about senior dogs.

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A couple named Judith and Lee Piper run Old Dog Haven. They pull these older dogs out of shelters, address any urgent medical problems, and then they place them in permanent foster homes—and also take care of all vet bills for the rest of the dogs’ lives!


Old Dog Haven is the largest senior-dog rescue in the country, according to TODAY. The group works with many of the shelters in western Washington to help them find “forever homes” for dogs over 8 years old. Old Dog Haven has a network of around 200 volunteer households, and these folks provide what the company calls “final refuge” foster homes to more than 300 dogs at any time.

“Now I call it ‘assisted living,’” Judith told TODAY. “Most dogs stay with us for about a year, but some last six or seven years, and a lot stay for four … and these dogs are just great at this age. They’re so easy. It’s fun to take them in! They are so happy to be with you, and they ask for so little.’”

The work of Old Dog Haven is detailed in the book “My Old Dog: Rescued Pets with Remarkable Second Acts,” written by TODAY show writer Laura T. Coffey and photographer Lori Fusaro. (Here’s the book’s website.)

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There are other groups dedicated to helping senior dogs, like the Gray Muzzle Organization and the Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary.


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