Old-fashioned rice pudding recipe is the perfect creamy comfort food


We often forget about simpler pleasures as we live our busy lives. But now that the pandemic is keeping us closer to home, many of us are spending more time in the kitchen, whipping up some of our favorite classic recipes from childhood.

Did your mom ever whip up a pot of rice pudding for you? Maybe you’re afraid to make it yourself because the texture is tricky to master and cooking it in milk can be a challenge. I’ve scalded more milk than I want to admit to in my time.

But we’ve found a recipe from Kylee of Kylee Cooks that keeps all the creaminess of the classic while simplifying the preparation so that even beginner cooks can be successful!


Kylee is a self-proclaimed picky eater. She writes that her mom made a similar recipe because it was one of the few things her picky palate would tolerate. Over the years, Kylee adapted the recipe to make it easier for cooks of all abilities to make.

You’ll need all of the basic ingredients you would typically find in a rice pudding recipe, including long-grain rice, whole milk, an egg, granulated sugar, butter and vanilla extract. Kylee also enjoys including golden raisins in her dessert, but that’s entirely optional. You might also enjoy sprinkling a little cinnamon on top when it’s done cooking. Head over to Kylee’s recipe to get the specifics.

Once the rice is cooked, this recipe takes only 25 minutes to prepare. Instead of cooking the rice in the milk, you add the milk to the already-cooked rice and warm them up together. This helps minimize the risk of scorching the milk. Follow Kylee’s step-by-step directions to get the perfect consistency for this nostalgic dessert.


Once it’s cooked, you can choose to eat it warm, at room temperature or even chilled. It all depends on how long you and the rest of the family can manage to wait!

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