Old People Running The 100 Meter Dash Will Make Your Day

Jessie Beers-Altman produced Going the Distance, a ten minute documentary about elderly athletes competing at the Penn Relays. Founded in 1985, the Penn Relays are the oldest races in the US, and attract over 100,000 people annually to the meet.

Here are some of my favorite moments in the film:

1:25: We’re introduced to Champ Goldy, a 98 year-old competitor that  practices racing on a 100-meter stretch of road in front of his house.

2:40: Champ shows us how he practices the javelin.

4:23: Betty Leander shows how she trains with her granddaughter, Caitlin. Betty is 87 years old.

6:20: Watch Ed Cox train. He is 87 years old and is nine years older than the next oldest runner at the meet.

7:10: Watch them race!