Olive Garden offering nachos made with fried lasagna chips, Alfredo drizzle

If you thought Taco Bell selling fries was surprising, you might want to sit down.

Olive Garden is now offering an Italian twist on nachos and they look intense. The popular chain’s new Loaded Pasta Chips sound like the stuff that dreams are made of—provided you love Italian food and nachos.

Olive Garden’s website describes its decadent new appetizer thusly: “Homemade pasta chips, lightly fried and layered with Italian cheeses and a hearty meat sauce. Topped with cherry peppers and an Alfredo drizzle.”

Olive Garden

Umm, count me in. I love traditional nachos as much as the next person but these look incredible.

If you’re wondering what the heck “pasta chips” are, the folks over at FoodBeast tried out the new menu item for themselves, and they said that they are basically pieces of lasagna, which they compared to wonton chips. Fried pieces of lasagna noodles? Why didn’t we think of this?

The nachos sound super rich, so they might be best as a shared appetizer with a group. But if you want them all to yourself, no judgment! They will be on the menu until April 1, so you’ll have plenty of time to try this delicious-sounding treat.

Since news of the unconventional nachos hit, people have taken to social media to express mixed reactions. Like this guy, who thinks that the point of Olive Garden is not super-authentic Italian food, making the loaded chips perfect for the chain:

This woman says that whether they’re chips or lasagna, she doesn’t care because they sound amazing:

Others did not think the dish sounded too appetizing:


In case you were wondering—and I’m sure you were—a full plate of Olive Garden’s Loaded Pasta Chips has a whopping 1,520 calories!

What do you think? Will you give the Loaded Pasta Chips a try, or are you a nacho purist?