Olive Garden now has build-your-own lasagna—with 24 combinations to choose from!

People love going to Olive Garden (those breadsticks! that salad!). But it’s hard to figure out what to order once you get there. On top of an already large menu filled with pretty much any type of pasta you can imagine, the restaurant chain’s new create-your-own lasagna dish is about to make dinner perhaps the hardest (but most delicious) decision of your day.

Their latest take on lasagna lets you choose from four different sauces and six toppings, which adds up to 24 different combinations. Like Alfredo sauce on your lasagna instead of tomato? Done. How about chicken instead of beef? No problem.

Olive Garden

The new dish is fittingly called Lasagna Mia, which translates to “my lasagna” in Italian. You begin with Olive Garden’s four-cheese lasagna, then choose a sauce and topping. There are the sauces you normally see in lasagna — marinara, five-cheese marinara and meat sauce made with beef and Italian sausage — but you can also get Alfredo if you prefer creamier sauces. Next is the toppings, where you can choose from garden veggies, cheese ravioli, mini meatballs, chicken fritta, grilled chicken or sauteed shrimp.

The meatballs, chicken and shrimp cost a bit more (add $2.79 to $3.99), but the Lasagna Mia dish starts at $12.99. Of course, in true Olive Garden fashion, it also includes unlimited salad and breadsticks.

You can even add a second meat topping, meaning you can make it super meaty. Or go for veggies and protein. And if you just can’t choose one favorite pasta, don’t worry, you can get cheese ravioli on top of your lasagna.

OK, maybe the decision isn’t that hard — because can you really go wrong here?


The Lasagna Mia is only available for a limited time, but if you can’t get enough or just want to try your hand at some different lasagna combinations, check out this veggie lasagna with kale, or go low-carb with this spinach and zucchini lasagna that uses layers of zucchini instead of pasta.

What combination of sauce and toppings are you most excited to try?

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