Olive Garden’s giant chicken parmesan is back

Olive Garden

The recipe for Olive Garden’s giant chicken parmesan is identical to the Italian eatery’s signature chicken parm dish, except that the chicken cutlet in the giant-sized portion is nearly a foot long. Olive Garden is now offering the giant chicken parmesan, and it’s not the first appearance of the oversized entree on the restaurant chain’s menu.

In 2019, the company introduced the idea of a chicken parmesan that’s bigger than your head, but only for a limited time. Now, while supplies last, Olive Garden has quietly added the giant chicken parmesan dish back to the menu. The giant chicken parmigiana is $17.99, and also comes with a serving of fettuccine alfredo.

In addition to offering the giant chicken parm, Olive Garden is improving its sauce game. Sauce lovers, rejoice: You can now ask for 30% more alfredo sauce on your dish at no additional charge.

Olive Garden

This is part of the Amazing Alfredos menu, which includes offerings like steak alfredo (featuring a 6-ounce sirloin accompanied with fettuccine alfredo), seafood alfredo (fettuccine alfredo tossed with shrimp and scallops), and chicken alfredo (fettuccine with grilled chicken).

Or try the new stuffed fettuccine alfredo, which is part of Olive Garden’s $5 Take-Home Entrees special. Right now, you can purchase any entree, and leave with another entree for just $5.

Olive Garden

The pre-chilled entree you take home will be ready to pop into your fridge, so you’ll have second helpings for lunch or dinner the next day.

In addition, considering the fact that most of us are eating at home a lot these days due to the coronavirus pandemic, Olive Garden is making their wine available for to-go orders, including favorites like Pink Moscato Blend Confetti, Pinot Grigio Cavit and Tuscan Red Blend Head to Head.

So, when you order Olive Garden for takeout, you can also pick up a bottle of wine and save yourself a trip to the store.


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