Olive Garden’s New S’mores Layer Cake Will Remind You Of Childhood Campfires

You may not be able to escape into the wilderness and roast marshmallows over an open fire as easily now that you’re all grown up — but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your favorite summertime treat in a more adult way. Olive Garden’s new s’mores layer cake will bring back the taste of charred marshmallows and ooey-gooey chocolate bars in cake form.

According to Olive Garden’s website, the dessert is just as decadent as you might imagine. Layers of vanilla-soaked ladyfingers are surrounded by chocolate mousse and marshmallows. As if that wasn’t enough — it’s completed with graham crackers, more chocolate and a toasted marshmallow topping. Yum!

And considering you can eat this with a fork — it’s far less messy than the s’mores you devoured as a kid. Just sayin’. Chocolate smeared all over your face is not as cute once you’re over the age of 10 — and Olive Garden completely understands.

Olive Garden

“We’re excited to introduce this new dessert because it gives our guests the craveability they look for in our dishes mixed with the timely nostalgia of a summertime classic,”Olive Garden’s Executive Chef Jim Nuetzi reportedly said in a press release.

So, clearly, the folks at Olive Garden are just as excited about this new menu item as the rest of us are!

But, before you get too swept up in nostalgia — it’s important to note that the s’mores layer cake will only be around for a limited time. You’ve reportedly got until Sept. 23 to order this dessert at Olive Garden.

Much like the summer season, this sweet morsel won’t last forever. So, make sure to indulge before it’s gone!

So, who’s headed to Olive Garden for dinner (and dessert!) tonight?