Olympic Gymnast’s Nervous Parents Are Stealing The Show In Rio

If you or your child has ever participated in a competitive sport, you know it’s pretty nerve-wracking. All the hours of training, the anticipation, the potential for things to go well or poorly in the blink of an eye. And watching someone you love compete? Yeah, it can make you squirm.

This is why the videos of U.S. Olympic Gymnast Aly Raisman’s parents watching her compete are so sweetly amusingly (bordering on downright hilarious). Raisman, a 22-year-old Massachusetts native, is the captain of the women’s gymnastics team. She was also the captain of the 2012 team competing in the London Olympics, where she won two gold medals and a bronze.

News outlets captured her parents’ nerves on camera back in London, and they caught them again the other night while she competed in the uneven bars in Rio. Check them out below:


Pretty squirmy, right? Their jitters are almost contagious. Happily for them (and for us, if their reactions are captured on video again!), Raisman finished second overall and has qualified for the all-around finals.

Here are the Raismans watching their daughter compete in London. No one can accuse them of not caring enough—that’s for sure.

Luckily, it seems that Raisman herself is having a laugh with her parents about their nervous viewing habit, as she shared and retweeted a few tweets about it: