Ombre manicures are the prettiest new nail trend for spring

It’s fun to switch up your style to reflect the change in seasons, so if you’re looking for a way to freshen up your look for spring, check out the ombré manicure. This trend is reminiscent of ombré highlights, but this time the fade from light to dark goes on your digits, not your locks.

Celebrity beauty mogul Kylie Jenner recently rocked this look with shades of orange-pink polish that almost made her nails look like the different stages of a sunset. Check it out on Instagram:

So pretty! Fancy a French manicure? You can put an ombré twist on this classic look as well.

“Right now, we are noticing a lot of people ditching the traditional French (tip) for the pink and white ombré,” Chau Tran of Mani Pedi Me in Overland Park, Kansas told The Kansas City Star. “It’s much more of a subtle, natural look.”

You can even add a little embellishment on one nail, like Instagrammer @michidixon did, for some extra sparkle:

For those that prefer nude shades, ombré can work with neutral colors as well.

“An ombré of a nude on their hands turns out really nice,” Jenny Nguyen, co-owner of Blush Nail Lounge in Brookside, Kansas, told the publication. “You go from the darker nude on the pinky to the lightest nude on the thumb, and maybe even add a little jewel on there or a simple design.”

The color can fade from nail to nail, or each nail can have the same gradual blending of colors, as is seen in this pretty pastel ombré manicure by @modena_nails:

“There is no wrong or right way to do this look, get creative – it’s the perfect opportunity to wear a color you might not be confident wearing on every nail,” Thea Green, founder and CEO of Nails, Inc., told The Independent.

Will you give ombré nails a try this spring?