One Artist Is Using Personal Photos To Transform People Into Pixar Characters

Ever wondered what you would look like as a Pixar character?

If you’ve ever wondered what you would look like as a Pixar character, wonder no more. 3-D artist Lance Phan has been fulfilling people’s childhood dreams by turning their personal photos into Pixar-like images, and the results are an absolute must-see.

Phan, whose digital renditions have recently gone viral on social media, accepts everything from selfies to wedding photos from clients. He then works to turn the individuals in the shots into full-blown Pixar characters, letting people live out their animated film fantasies in a single photograph.

“It started out as practice,” Phan told deMilked about his social media-driven business. “I asked people their permission to experiment on their pictures.”

What started out as a way to practice his 3-D rendition skills, however, quickly turned into a profitable business. And once you see the level of detail involved in Phan’s pictures, it’s easy to understand why it takes him awhile to craft his Pixar-ified shots.

Here are a few of the best shots from his Instagram page, starting with one adorable young girl:


This rendition also shows off an individual’s personality perfectly:


Phan captured this married couple’s wedding joy:


And this rendition is just all class:


Phan now charges $225 and up for his picture transformations—but even with that price tag, he frequently has to turn down pictures that will take up too much time, such as those with busy backgrounds.

“Girls mostly send me pictures where they are the main subject so it’s easy to find a doable picture,” Lance told deMilked. “Guys are different… The pictures have lots of object and people, so it will take forever to do just one picture. Finding a doable picture of a guy like this is not easy.”

You can find more of Phan’s art on his Facebook page or his Instagram account. If you’d like your own selfie transformed, send Phan a picture of yourself following his commission guidelines, which are outlined on his website. Happy Pixar-ing!