One couple built their family a massive swimming pond

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One couple—based in Sundre in Alberta, Canada—wanted to create a place where they could spend quality time with family and friends. So Jerry and Marina Leussink created the perfect resort right on their farm, which includes a massive 31,700-gallon swimming pond they constructed themselves.

Jerry Leussink says he has many fond memories of enjoying the pond on the farm where he grew up, so he wanted to recreate a space that was similar on his own property.

“It’s great to have it on hot days,” he told Prairie Farm Report. “We’ve utilized it many many, many times on weekends with family and friends that come camping. And it can also be used for some skating in the winter.”

The swimming pond is an incredible 90 feet long and 70 feet wide. For reference, an professional football end zone is about 160 feet by 30 feet, so you can get a sense for how large this manmade pond is.

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It’s about 14 feet deep in the deep end when completely full, but there is also a shallow area so that the littlest of family members can enjoy the pool, too.

It took the help of Jerry’s brothers to dig out the hole for the pond, but they were successfully able to complete the project themselves using just several pieces of construction equipment.

The first couple of years after the pool was constructed, they used it without a liner, which worked well with the clay soil base. But after awhile, weeds started to become an issue, so the Leussinks put in a 30-millimeter polypropylene liner.

It took 15 people to unroll the liner and pull it up the sides, but it worked. Now rocks hold it in place while also serving as a decorative border around the swimming pond.

Of course, for any type of pond, it’s important to manage the water quality, so he uses several forms of chlorine in conjunction with algaecide and a solar powered aeration system, which he constructed himself.

And if constructing a massive swimming pond wasn’t a big enough undertaking, Jerry also built a patio and dock for people to walk right into the pond. He also built a deck that can double as a dance floor in the evening.

Solar lights illuminate the area, making it a great place to spend time even after the sun has set.

You’re probably wondering how much something like this cost, right? Us too!

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Jerry says the grand total for the entire project came to around $15,000, which he says isn’t a big investment considering how much fun it has created for his entire family.

The cost of this massive swimming spot isn’t quite as accessible as the $350 it’d take to install a stock-tank pool, but it’s still far below what a traditional in-ground pool of this size would cost—not to mention, it’s so much more unique!

The stock tank pool trend really heated up this year, as people fell in love with the idea of using these troughs—used to feed and water livestock—for their own cost-effective backyard entertainment.

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