One couple is taking a honeymoon road trip in a converted bus

Selecting only one destination for a honeymoon is almost impossible. There’s a whole world of incredible options to choose from for this most romantic of trips. After the “I dos,” not just any trip will do.

Which is why one couple opted for an international honeymoon road trip. In February of last year, Mili and Marcos tied the knot. Three days after the wedding, they bought a bus off Craigslist. Then, the high-school sweethearts’ international journey really began.

They set up an Instagram account called @panamericanbus and started to chronicle their exploits. First, they spruced up the van, personalizing it with everything they needed for the trip. The interior has space for sleeping, eating and cooking. In fact, they can even host friends and store their surf boards inside. Additionally, the van has a bathroom. Which is key for a trip like this. Here’s Mili doing some painting:

Eventually, the van was good to go. With nothing but the open road in front of them, the newlyweds set out from Mission Viejo, California and headed for Argentina:–VnhA2Ku/?taken-by=panamericanbus

So far, the couple has shared stories and photos on their website and Instagram. Already, they’ve attracted quite the following. The website is in Spanish, but Instagram captions are in both English and Spanish.

Roadside Memories

Since setting out, the happy couple has captured beautiful sunsets on the beach:

They also made time for popular attractions like Horseshoe Bend:

They searched for waves along the California shore:

A cactus greeted them when they crossed into Mexico.

The open road also leaves ample opportunities for star watching:

They’re still on the road, so the adventure continues.

This isn’t the couple’s first van venture. They’ve toured Australia in a van. After that, they backpacked through Asia. They shared in Van Life Magazine: “We want to be an inspiration and encourage all those who are still afraid to pursue their dreams.”

Does their adventure make you want to set out on your own old-school road trip?

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