One Dad’s Genius Method For Blowing Out Birthday Candles

Does it ever gross you out when kids blow out the candles on their birthday cake, only to spew sprinkles of saliva and germs all over the celebratory confection? If you have never considered this, sorry for ruining birthday cake for you! But if you have thought of this, you’re not alone.

A certain germaphobic dad thinks the whole tradition of blowing out the candles is not only distasteful, but also unhealthy. The disgusted dad rants about the hazards of puffing out the flames. “The tradition of blowing out candles,” he says, “is probably the worst tradition in the history of mankind.”

Okay, so that might be a bit of a stretch, but he continues to explain his point of view.

“All the germs from your breath are all over food other people are gonna eat,” he clarifies. However, rather than just fuming over the offensive practice and dropping it, the dad in this video decided to devise a healthier, germ-free alternative.

Before you balk at his substitute method, you should know that you can still make a wish before extinguishing the flames. Check out his creative approach and decide whether or not you agree: