One-eared shelter dog removes matching ear from his favorite stuffed toy

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Science has shown (and most pet parents will attest) that dogs are smarter than most people think. Sometimes, their intelligence can really pull on your heartstrings. Case in point: a dog at a North Carolina shelter recently modified a toy so that it resembles him a little more.

Bruno, who sadly lost his left ear before coming to the SPCA of Wake County, removed the left ear of his stuffed toy dog. The nonprofit agency shared the story and some photos of the sad-eyed pup on Facebook.

“Y’all Bruno tore one of the ears off his favorite stuffed toy — the same ear he’s missing himself. The staff member who found this couldn’t believe it, so she took these photos to show the rest of our team,” wrote SPCA of Wake County in the post. “Bruno used to live chained up outside, and his ear was torn off when another dog attacked him and he couldn’t run away. But Bruno knows there’s nothing wrong with him, and now he has a best friend just like him to prove it. You’re perfect just the way you are, Bruno.”

Although he was poorly treated and horribly injured, Bruno is still a sweetheart.

“You would never know he had such a tough start to life — despite his pouty eyes, he’s a very happy and loving guy, and his tail absolutely never stops wagging,” SPCA workers told FOX10, adding that Bruno is well-behaved, cuddly and smart. “Despite being attacked, he still likes other dogs, and he loves every person he meets. He’s got a big heart and a forgiving soul.”

Happily, Bruno was adopted not long after the shelter shared his story. Although he is currently being treated by the SPCA for heartworm (paid for by donations from fans), he’ll be heading to his forever home very soon.

The SPCA posted a pic of him with his new owner. And yes, his favorite toy is going with him.

“He’ll be in a foster period for the next couple of months while we provide that lifesaving heartworm treatment, but once his treatment is complete, his adoption will be official,” the organization told FOX10.

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