This One-Eyed Cat Who Swims And Surfs Will Make Your Day

When you think of cats, water isn’t typically the next thing that comes to mind.

But Kuli, an orange tabby from Hawaii, is here to debunk the cat stereotypes.

Kuli was only 3 months old when roommates Krista Littleton and Alex Gomez found him in an area of Oahu, Hawaii called Nanakuli.

The kitten had to get his left eye removed because of an infection, the roommates told Adventure Cats.

They went on to explain that Nanakuli, the city he was found in, means “to look blind,” so the roommates landed on the appropriate name of Kuli for their furry friend.

With concerns that the kitten’s health issues would eventually overtake his life, Littleton and Gomez began to train Kuli into an active lifestyle by walking him on a leash and eventually visiting the ocean.

The kitten ended up having a love-love relationship with the water.

“We think part of the reason Kuli is so tolerant of water is because he had to have frequent baths due to his messy health issues.”

When the pair first started taking their kitten to the ocean, they would just paddle around with him on one of their surfboards. Later on, they got Kuli a boogie board of his own and taught him how to ride waves.

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“Our hopes were really high that he would like surfing, and we really got lucky because he just lays right on the nose of the board with his paws hanging ten,” they explained.

As a kitten who has made the best of life despite having a disability, Kuli is not only an adorable cat—he is also an inspiration.

Cowabunga? More like CAT-abunga!