This ‘Star Wars’ Luke Skywalker landspeeder is definitely the toy you’re looking for

Radio Flyer

The release of 2015’s “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” introduced a whole new generation of kids to a galaxy far, far away. And now, those kids have an awesome new way to pretend they are real-life Jedi.

Radio Flyer has come out with a kid-sized recreation of the X-34 Landspeeder, the hovercraft Luke Skywalker rides in the first “Star Wars” movie. (Yes, I know it’s technically the fourth episode, but we aren’t going to talk about those other three movies here.) The vehicle debuted at Comic-Con, and to say I’m jealous of these kids might be an understatement:

The landspeeder doesn’t actually hover, but rides around on wheels and seats two. It also doesn’t have a light-speed setting, but it does go 2 or 5 mph forward and also can go backwards. Perfect for exploring the deserts of Tatooine. Or the driveway, whichever happens to be closer to your children. Maybe you can send them in the speeder to pick up mail from your Death Star mailbox.

It even comes with buttons that make sound effects from the movie, so you don’t have to get spit all over the dashboard making your own sound effects like we used to as kids playing with trucks.

The speeder costs $500 and is available for pre-order online. It appears the Jedi robes are not included.

The only problem? It has a weight limit of 130 pounds, which means you can’t take it out for nostalgic joy rides while your kids are asleep. Because no amount of Jedi mind tricks will convince your kids that you had nothing to do with their landspeeder suddenly riding a few inches lower to the ground.

Am I bummed? A little. OK, maybe a lot. But it’s OK. I’m still hopeful they will come out with a Millenium Falcon version that is a little bigger.

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