The One Home Trend HGTV’s ‘Property Brothers’ Can’t Stand

Drew and Jonathan Scott of the show “Property Brothers” on HGTV are known for helping families find, purchase and transform fixer-upper homes into dream homes. Of course, for the sake of reality TV,  they do so on a strict budget, and within a short time span.

While the identical twin brothers advocate for many different types of homes, there is one trend they just can’t get behind. And that trend is the tiny-home movement.

Tiny homes are pretty much what they sound like. Most are 300 square feet or smaller, yet thoughtfully designed to allow families to live a simpler and more affordable lifestyle. They’ve gained in popularity over the last decade and, while more and more families are opting to make a drastic change to downsize, the “Property Brothers” aren’t buying it.

In fact, the two wish the trend would just go away.

There has been coverage of the illegality of tiny homes, and also of how this type of poverty appropriation can be problematic. The brothers’ problems with tiny houses are more straightforward.

“I don’t like it because most of the tiny houses we’ve seen, they’re not built to code; they’re not actually functional,” Jonathan told PopSugar, adding, “I’ve only ever seen a couple tiny home spaces that are actually a clever use of space and multi-functioning spaces.”

To reaffirm their thoughts about tiny houses, the 6’4″ brothers, accompanied by their two small dogs, spent the night in a tiny house, and the outcome was pretty hilarious. While they said they can appreciate not having to clean as much, the cramped quarters still didn’t win over their love for the trending lifestyle.

Drew told PopSugar that their whole philosophy is that your home should make your life easier. As soon as you start tripping over each other and trying to squeeze too much into a space for it to work, you’re not making your life easier.

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“In fact,” he says, “you’re making your life more hectic.”