This man with one leg nails his Halloween costume every year

Josh Sundquist inspires in a variety of ways, and this time of year, he’s all the inspiration you need to get in the Halloween spirit.

Sundquist lost one of his legs after finding out he had a rare bone cancer as a 9-year-old, but he doesn’t let that hold him back—especially when it comes to his Halloween costumes. He comes up with something creative every year, and you’re going to love what he’s decided to dress up as for Halloween 2017.

Sundquist’s costume choices fully embrace the fact that he only has one leg, and they couldn’t be more amazing. In 2016, he dressed as Lumiere from “Beauty and the Beast,” and in 2013 he went as a flamingo, just to name a couple.

The Lumiere costume couldn’t have been more spot-on.

As for the flamingo, he really went all out. He’s practically doing a handstand to bring this costume to life. Impressive!

Then, there was the time he dressed up as the leg lamp from “A Christmas Story.”

Oh yeah, and in 2010, he was the adorable little gingerbread from “Shrek.”

There are plenty more costumes certainly worth mentioning because he’s been at this for seven years. And somehow, he always manages to top the previous year’s Halloween costume.

As for 2017’s costume reveal … drumroll please … Sundquist is going as Tigger from “Winnie The Pooh!”

Sundquist didn’t necessarily intend for his costumes to become such a topic of conversation online, but he seems more than up to the challenge of impressing each year.

“I started making these costumes seven years ago to make my friends laugh at Halloween parties,” he told the Huffington Post UK. “[That’s] still why I make them, it’s just that recently the internet has made that party much, much bigger, which is great because I feel like I’ve been put on earth to delight and entertain people. Sometimes I do that on a stage as a motivational speaker and comedian. At Halloween, I do that by wearing creative costumes.”

What started out as a joke among friends has become a bit of an internet sensation. Thousands of people have reacted to this year’s costume. Folks on Twitter are calling Sundquist “truly inspirational” and more.

Others are even calling him their “favorite.” Because nobody does Halloween quite like he can.

Some people are thinking he may have broken the internet with a costume this incredible.

Most of all, people are just excited to see him making the most out of Halloween—and life, in general.

Sundquist told ABC News that he came up with the idea for the Tigger costume while scrolling through Reddit.

“I saw it and said, ‘That is such a good idea. How have I never thought of being Tigger?'” he said. “He hops and he bounces, which is what I do when I’m not using my crutches. And he’s such a fantastic character from all of our childhoods.”

Sundquist’s 2017 costume is pretty great, so that only means there’s even more to look forward to in 2018. What will Sundquist come up with next? Awaiting his costume reveal may become part of your Halloween traditions (just like we wait for Neil Patrick Harris and family’s costumes)!

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