This mom’s photos of her daughter ‘dressed up’ in food and flowers are adorable


While most parents tell their children not to play with their food, one mom is instead embracing the idea.

Alya Chaglar and her daughter Stefani, who is currently 3, make playing with food a fun adventure that is then shared on Instagram for the entire world to view.

Using food, in addition to flowers, Chaglar uses the power of perspective to capture fun, artistic photos. With Stefani standing at just the right distance away from the camera, Chaglar will hold up anything from a bushel of flowers to a half-eaten banana at just the right angle to make it appear that her daughter is wearing the food or flowers as a dress.

The idea in itself is super adorable, but what I think really sells it is little Stefani’s facial expressions and poses. She obviously loves the idea, as she is typically grinning from ear to ear in each photo.

You also might catch the adorable little blonde-haired girl wearing what we presume are her mom’s high heels because, you know, what’s cuter than a little girl wearing heels that are 10 sizes too big?

Since posting the creative food and flower “dress” photos, Chaglar has gained over 38,000 followers on an Instagram account called “It’s All About Stefani.”

Using the hashtag #funnystefani, Chaglar started the fun little series of creative photos last summer after her daughter had a blast “dressing up” in a pine cone and, well, the idea has certainly taken off.

Chaglar says the duo have a lot of fun in the process and told the NY Post, “She loves modeling, she enjoys the process and loves to look at her pictures afterwards. For me these pictures are more about Stefani’s personality, not about the dresses.”

Regardless of what little Stefani wears, whether it’s a bunch of cilantro or a dandelion, she sure rocks each and every outfit.



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