This photographer’s shots of her newborn kitten went viral

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Just when you thought a newborn photo shoot couldn’t get any cuter, one photographer took it to the next level—and we think it’s purr-fect.

Kitty Schaub is a photographer based in Benton Harbor, Michigan, and while typically her clients are newborn human babies, children and families, she should probably also include fur babies. Especially after the reaction she received when she photographed her family’s newest addition, their 9-week-old kitten, Luna.

When posting photos on her business Facebook page, Kitty Lee Photography, Schaub had no idea that her impromptu photo shoot would get such a reaction. “I photograph a lot of newborns, and had my props out,” Schaub told Mashable in regard to the photo shoot idea. “We thought it would be a quick, funny, cute little shoot, [we had] no clue it would be this crazy!”

Schuab said that, since posting the photos just two weeks ago, she’s had people from all over the world contact her to state how much they loved the photos, which then gave her yet another fabulous idea.

The photographer decided to make a calendar, the proceeds of which will help raise money for Save-a-Stray, an animal rescue organization based in St. Joseph, Michigan.

Apparently it was just meant to be. While you’d think most kittens would have a hard time posing for a photo shoot, Schuab stated that Luna was just the perfect little model.

“Luna was sleeping when I picked her up, she didn’t notice or mind me covering her in a wrap,” the photographer explained to Mashable. “We had to wake her up to get her open eye pictures, and then she fell right back asleep.”

Thanks to this adorable photo shoot, the calendars have already raised over $2,000 for Save-a-Stray, which not only helps foster stray animals, but also trains them.

It looks like this photographer might just be onto something, and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

For fans of the little black kitten, you can now follow along and swoon over the cute photos of her on her very own Facebook page, Luna The Little Black Kitten.

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