This is one of the most popular meatloaf recipes on Pinterest

Pip and Ebby

Meatloaf is a classic dinnertime meal, but getting it just right is easier said than done. This recipe is called the “Best Ever Meatloaf,” and based on the reactions from those who have tried it, the meal lives up to the title.

This is a far cry from the mystery meat-style meatloaf you ate in elementary school and much closer to the kind your mom used to make. So, if you’re ready to recreate this delicious main dish—and get the taste and texture just right—count on this recipe to show you how it’s done!

You have Megan Porta of the Pip and Ebby blog to thanks for bringing this dish into your life. She was inspired by her mother’s recipe. But she’s taken some liberties and added a sauce to make the original even better, she writes on the blog.

According to her website, the recipe has been pinned over 1 million times—proving it really is a keeper!

OK, so enough talk about this meal. Let’s see how it’s prepared already, shall we?

Pip and Ebby

According to Porta, you start by combining all of the ingredients for the meatloaf. You’ll mix together beef, onion, ketchup, milk and a few other items in a large bowl and spread in a baking dish.

You’ll bake the meat for about an hour and a half in total, and while it’s cooking, you can be mixing up the sauce.

The sweet and savory sauce calls for brown sugar, apricot preserves, ketchup and Worcestershire sauce.

Spread this across the meatloaf about halfway through the cooking process.

Then, all that’s left to do is wait! So, not only is this recipe yummy—it’s also super easy to make. Seems as though the most difficult part will be the patience it takes to leave this thing in the oven for over an hour.

See the full recipe on the Pip and Ebby website.

People who found this recipe on Pinterest and tried it out for themselves seemed to love it!

“Made exactly how recipe said. It was greasy but it was DELICIOUS, family loved it! Second time making it, favorite meatloaf so far,” one Pinterest user commented on the post.

Another pointed out that this was a great recipe for when you just need to use whatever you already have in your kitchen.

“This is a keeper! My family loves this, so simple and I usually have all the ingredients on hand,” they wrote.

Now that the main dish is taken care of, you can spend your time creating some delicious sides to complete the meal.

Maybe these ranch roasted carrots from Kirbie’s Cravings, perhaps?

Kirbie's Cravings

There are plenty more simple and tasty side options where that came from, too.

So—guess you know what’s for dinner tonight. Enjoy!

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