One woman grooms her horses to look like unicorns

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At Pampered Ponies in Worcester, England, unicorns are real. Well, sort of.

Using non-toxic “pony paint” to dye their manes and tails, braiding them with flowers and ribbons, donning them with horns and even painting their hooves with non-toxic polish, the groomers at this farm transform ordinary horses into unicorns.

The results are simply enchanting, and these special horses serve as entertainment for birthday parties, festivals and weddings.

Here’s one of their ponies, all dolled up:

In a video from Pampered Ponies, Emily Woolley, who runs the farm, explains how these ponies are given makeovers to resemble the mythical creatures.

She explains that they have “unicorns” of all sizes, including a “teeny tiny,” one for the youngest children.

She also emphasizes that all of the products used to groom the horses are completely safe and non-toxic, noting that it “doesn’t hurt them in the slightest.”

In fact, she says the animals seem to enjoy all the pampering they get! Watch the video below:

The unicorns are available for parties at the Pampered Ponies stables, or they can be brought to your location for a one-of-a-kind celebration.

Parties include riding, grooming and the opportunity for guests to decorate and glitter the ponies themselves.

They offer a number of different customizable packages.

Woolley says there’s “a little bit of a unicorn craze going on at the minute.”

That certainly seems to be the case, and the obsession with unicorns is not just a trend across the pond. From Unicorn Magic ice cream, complete with edible glitter, to unicorn toys at Build-A-Bear to Inflatable Island, a floating water park filled with unicorn-themed fun in the Philippines, people all over the world can’t seem to get enough of these magical, mythical creatures.

Here’s hoping that Pampered Ponies decides to open up a location in the United States sometime soon.

Unicorn Summer Fun

Running through the sprinklers is practically a necessity during the hot summer months.

Even when my family got a backyard pool, we still loved the sprinkler and would turn it on so that it sprinkled into the pool, making our very own waterpark-like attraction.

If you want to take summertime sprinkler fun to the next level this season, look no further than this huge inflatable unicorn sprinkler.


How Is A 7-Foot Unicorn Hard To Find?

Sure to make your summer super-magical, the sprinkler is nearly seven feet tall and made by Big Mouth Toys. It’s being sold at Target for $49.99, although their site indicates that it’s temporarily out of stock.

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It sprays water out of its horn, and all you have to do to get it going is inflate it and attach a garden hose. This should keep the kids entertained for hours, not to mention adults, too (no judgment!).

Keep in mind, it will take awhile to get it filled up, even when using a pump, as demonstrated by this YouTube video:

More Massive Sprinkler Options

You know what goes perfectly with unicorns? Rainbows, of course! Luckily for all of us, there’s also a giant rainbow sprinkler on the market. This 5-foot-high inflatable rainbow is sold by Pottery Barn for $149.

Pottery Barn

If you’re over the unicorn trend, how about the Ginormous T-Rex Sprinkler or the Ginormous Elephant Sprinkler?

Big Mouth Inc.

In addition to Target, the company lists a number of retailers where their products are sold, including Amazon. These toys really put the classic Slip N’ Slide from my youth to shame!

slip and slide photo
Flickr | Reggie Alvey

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If you’re more of a float-in-the-pool than a run-through-the-sprinkler type of person, check out their cheeky pool floats, like this super-cute donut hole, complete with a bite taken out of it.


They even have floats for your drinks, so you can enjoy a beverage while in the pool, like this Palm Tree Beverage Boat:


What do you think? Will you give any of these inflatable wonders a try this summer?

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