New ‘Star Wars’ Fitness Gear Is For Serious Film And Fitness Buffs

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There’s a new fitness line that’s perfect for health nuts and film buffs alike.

A fitness brand called Onnit’s newest products are “Star Wars”-inspired and should totally help you summon the force during your next sweat session.

The “Star Wars” workout gear features something for every kind of fitness level. For those who prefer yoga, there’s a Han Solo yoga mat. For those who are looking to do some more serious weight lifting, there’s a 70-pound Darth Vader kettlebell. And for those somewhere in the middle of the spectrum, there’s a Death Star slam ball that weights 20 pounds.

Pretty cool, huh? The line is available for pre-order on Onnit’s website now. Prices range from $64.95 to $199.95. Apparently, applying the Force to your workout doesn’t come cheap, folks.

Check it out:

Han Solo Yoga Mat

This yoga mat is printed with a high-res image of Han Solo, frozen in carbonite. It’s also reversible, moisture-wicking and non-slip. It’s available for pre-order for $64.95 now.


As you can see, this isn’t something that’s purely for display. You can use it as you would any other yoga mat:

Death Star Slam Ball

This weighted fitness ball is far from average. It’s made of incredibly strong and dense polyurethane rubber and, oh yeah, it’s shaped like the Death Star. Pre-order one for $74.95 now.


See how you can put your fandom to use for fitness using this Death Star product:

“Star Wars” Kettlebells

There are three different kettlebell options within this collection. Darth Vader weighs 70 pounds, the Storm Trooper version weighs 60 pounds and the Boba Fett weighs 50 pounds. Choose the weight that you can handle. They range in price from $149.95-$199.95.


No, see these cool products in action:

Onnit also has a Marvel fitness line that contains Captain America Shield Barbell Plates and an Iron Man Kettlebell.

If you’re looking to complete your workout equipment,right down to your wardrobe, you can find T-shirts, leggings and more that will have you ready to face whatever comes your way.

These “Star Wars”-inspired leggings from Amazon, for example, will help you complete your workout in style:


Now that you’re perfectly outfitted, may the force be with you.