This Halloween Souvenir At Disneyland Is A Spooky Smash Hit

If your least favorite thing about theme parks is the endless lines (and we’re guessing it probably is), heads up if you’re heading to Disneyland between now and Halloween. While lines for rides are expected to be long, you might be surprised to find the lines for the popcorn carts are even longer than the wait to get onto your favorite rides.

What?! For popcorn?!

Well, kind of. It’s not exactly the popcorn everyone is after, but the souvenir Oogie Boogie popcorn bucket that comes with the snack. Fans took to Instagram to say the lines are pretty crazy for the glow-in-the-dark “The Nightmare Before Christmas” villain.

Although the Oogie Boogies were only introduced to the parks less than a week ago, they’re already going fast. Instagram user gone2disneyland guessed the lines were 30 to 40 minutes on the first day.

The boogie man souvenir costs $15, and while sales are limited to two per person, they’re still selling out at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure parks, according to Insider, as well as at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party at Disney World.

Oogie Boogies is not the first Disneyland item to go viral this year. In March, people waited in line for hours for a “Beauty and the Beast” Enchanted Rose Tumbler, and loaves of adorable Groot Bread baked at Disney California Adventure’s Boudin Bakery lead to some pretty epic Instagram selfies.

How To Get Your Own Oogie Boogie

Can’t make it to Disneyland or just don’t want to wait in line? If you’re willing to pay a little more, Oogie Boogies are being sold on eBay. Some are sold out there too, but prices for the ones left range from two to three times the original $15 price tag.

And there are even more “The Nightmare Before Christmas” characters than usual around Disneyland this time of year. The Haunted Mansion at the park is re-themed to feature characters from the film, including Jack Skellington, Sally and, of course, Oogie Boogie.

Other Disney-inspired Halloween Treats

While you’re at a Disney, check out some of their other Halloween-inspired treats, such as candy corn ice cream or these other spooktacular treats, like a Mickey Mouse Halloween cinnamon roll or Haunted Mansion portrait tarts.

We wish you luck if you’re in search of an Oogie Boogie popcorn bucket and, as Jack would say, “Season’s Screamings!”