Could You Open This Cabinet Without Breaking All The Dishes Inside?

Have you ever been faced with a seemingly unsolvable problem? A question without an answer? Well, such was the case for a frustrated woman in Taiwan who wanted to do something very simple: Open her kitchen cabinet.

You can understand from the image below that this was no easy feat. If the woman were to open the cupboard, all of her beautiful dishes would come crashing down!

Her friend posted a photo of the issue to Baoliao Commune, a Taiwanese Facebook group. As reported by the Daily Mail, hundreds of commenters spoke up. Some suggested that the woman would simply have to face facts, open the cabinet, let the dishes break and buy new dinnerware.

Others said that she should try laying out a towel or cushions to break the dishes’ fall.

Some commenters tried to weigh in by offering step-by-step technical advice.

While other Facebookers said she should move the cupboard itself!

Some suggested actually cutting into the cabinet.

While one clever person told her to use expanding foam.

Another commenter suggested applying a bit of Zen logic to the puzzle.

And others were a bit more cynical, saying that she should use her newfound viral fame to help her buy more dishes.

What do you think? How would you suggest she should open the cabinet and save her precious plates?

Well, let me save the stress. Here’s what actually happened: According to the woman’s friend Tseng Shao-Tsen, she merely opened the door a crack, held the dishes carefully with one hand, and then safely opened the door the rest of the way.

And not a single dish broke.

Talk about an incredibly simple solution for a seemingly tricky problem! No glass cutters, expanding foam or Zen philosophy needed. Perhaps there is a lesson here for all of us: Keep it simple.